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Hello everybody welcome to my new page where I tell you all about my Patreon!

Patreon is a service that allows people to donate $1 or more to a cause to support a creator of content such as myself in exchange for cool little incentives. I’ve recently created a Patreon page to encourage people to donate to cover website costs and assist me in doing what I love most: writing freeuse content. man_file_1061828_7.jpg

On my Patreon page you’ll find a brief explanation of why I’ve created Patreon, as well as a small message saying Hi. In the future I intend to post stories here as well for my fans!

My key incentive on Patreon is a link to a dropbox (available for any patrons) containing an archive of my work along with some as-yet-unreleased goodies, such as the upcoming chapters of A Roman Slave.

I hope you’ll consider donating and thanks for reading! Here is the link again for your consideration.


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