Sam Fox is a 23-year-old author from Australia. He primarily writes erotica, smut, and fiction, and spends his time working with his hands to support this passion.

He has a bachelor’s degree in creative and professional writing, and particularly enjoys the long hours he can spend putting pen to paper.

His favourite fetishes are Freeuse, BDSM, and Succubus, and he primarily writes Freeuse after gaining inspiration from a few authors well-known in the Freeuse community.

Note: Freeuse is a fetish that involves all sex all the time: sex is either ignored or seen as a norm in everyday situations, such as on the street or on the bus. It involves aspects of public, bored and ignored, and exhibitionist fetishes.

Sam does not judge based on individual preferences, but he prefers not to write porn based around scat, golden showers, man on man, or anything underage (below 18).

Sam can be contacted at the following email address:

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He loves to hear from all his readers and would like people to post comments in his stories and even just say hello on twitter or over email.