Relief Station

Madison swung her bag over one shoulder and walked out of the front door, slamming it shut behind her. The cold air brushed along her checked school skirt and played along her bare stomach, making her shiver from the cold. Her school uniform, even in winter, left more skin bare than covered, and her nipples already poked out from beneath a sheer white top, protesting the winter chill.

She hurried down the path and onto the street, holding her small breasts in an attempt to keep them warm. She made it to the bus stop and hurried inside, shutting the door behind her. In the old days, most bus stops were little more than a roof with some poles holding it up; since the freedom of sex laws, however, they had been renovated to keep the public entertained between buses.

The bus stop was now a glass-walled building, with seats on the inside and, of course, the regulation Relief Area. The girl servicing the Relief Area was a pitiful thing: she was chained to the glass wall by a collar, and for the duration of her shift (usually eight or nine hours) she was nothing more than a plaything for the first person to come along. This particular one was a little Asian girl, drenched in semen and wearing an exhausted look on her face.

Madison was the only one in the bus stop building, and she took the opportunity to wave her hand and summon the Asian girl to her side. She crawled across the floor, coming to a stop by Madison’s leg.

“How can I help you, miss?” the girl said, keeping her eyes on the floor. Madison hitched up her skirt and revealed a bare slit, shaved and petite, ready for servicing. The Asian moved in between her legs, not needing any further explanation.

The little black-haired thing buried her face between Madison’s thighs, and Madison raised her head to the ceiling and breathed out a sigh. A small tongue began to explore, searching, finding the slit between her legs and licking up and down, tasting the sweet juices inside.

Madison ran a finger along the girl’s cheek and it came away sticky. She plopped it in her mouth and sucked on it as the girl began her work in earnest, beginning the fast and hard licking that caused her toes to curl. The taste of salty semen in her mouth was like an old friend: it was a slow morning that she wasn’t fucked three times on the way to school, and it was a weird feeling not tasting cum at the back of her throat.

The Asian girl’s ministrations began to take Madison’s breath away, and she panted heavily as that tongue explored even further, finding her hidden areas and stimulating them with frightening efficiency. She watched her own reflection in the glass walls of the bus stop: a petite blonde, with knee-high socks and little red-kiss nipples on the small perky mounds of her breasts, those very breasts heaving with every breath of air. She began to moan, then gasp, then groan, and finally… scream!

She held onto the Asian girl’s hair like she was afraid of falling off a theme park ride, and just like a rollercoaster, she crested the waves of orgasm again and again until she was spent.

She collapsed back into the seat, panting, watching the Asian girl extract her head from between Madison’s thighs and wipe her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Enjoy that?” Madison asked, still trying to catch her breath.

“Yes miss,” the girl replied timidly, crawling back to her little corner where the chain pooled on the floor. There was the sound of a horn and Madison looked up, seeing the bus for the first time.

“Crap!” she yelled, jumping to her feet. She couldn’t be late for school!