Elysium: Teaser 2

Hi everyone, my novel Elysium is out on Amazon and available here for purchase! It’s a 35,000 word romp that I’m sure you’ll love, so give it a look. Here we have a second teaser for it, again, another scene that didn’t make it to the book but showcases the characters and the kind of stuff you can expect if you purchase the book. Enjoy!

Gabby tried half-heartedly to sunbathe next to the pool but her heart just wasn’t in it. Nura, maybe her closest friend in the world, was scheduled to leave with the evening flight. Gabby just didn’t understand: she had known Nura for months, ever since she had first come to the island. Gabby had been scared, timid, and Nura had shown her around and had taught her just what Elysium was all about. Sure, they didn’t have many shifts together, but they saw each other almost every day, when Nura came around after the nightly swim.

Nura was a little older than her, sure, but she was still a good fuck, and a good suck at that. There was no way they’d force her off the island, and Gabby knew her well enough to know that there was no way she’d leave on her own. She loved Elysium almost as much as Gabby did.

Gabby harrumphed as a man lay on top of her and pulled down her little bikini, exposing her white ass to the sun. Normally she’d use all her little tricks to please him; everything from giving him her pigtails as handlebars (like riding a Harley, some of the men said) to spreading her cheeks to allow him early access. Today, though, she just lay there and let him take her ass, not even bothering to look around and shoot him a smile.

How could Nura abandon her?

The man unloaded deep inside her ass, grunting as he filled her up, then lay atop her for a few moments, panting. He eventually removed himself, leaving a torrent of hot liquid spewing out of her onto the chair, and was soon to be replaced with a second, who must have liked the way she looked with her little asshole filled. As she was pounded into the pool chair, she scowled and cursed to herself. She was in such a foul mood that the man pushed the back of her head in to the towel beneath her to muffle the sound of her foul language while he dropped a second load inside her.

When that man had finished and was walking away, quite pleased with himself, Gabby heard a familiar voice.


She sat up and looked around, trying to ignore the wet stain beneath her, and spotted a familiar figure. Nura hurried over around the pool, drawing stares as she went. Gabby was amazed to see that Nura, who was in her late twenties, was dressed in a pair of jeans with a tight black tee that showed off her considerable assets. That alone would have been strange, as those particular jeans and that top were not in the regular wardrobes for staff members, but she had a big name badge that read “guest” along her left breast.

“Nura, what the hell?” Gabby asked, confused, when the Arabic woman approached. Nura smiled and twirled, giving Gabby a good view of her body in her strange outfit. At the island all jeans were specially tailored to flaunt the curves of the woman beneath, and all tops were low enough to expose a devilish amount of cleavage. Nura’s clothes were so strange because they were so… normal. In the outside world, anyway.

“Like it? They gave me the badge because I’m not technically still on the clock,” Nura said, blushing. “It’s so weird walking around without getting bent over every twenty paces.”

Gabby’s face hardened and she looked away. Nura made a clucking noise and buried her face in Gabby’s neck. “I’m so sorry, Gobby.”

“You’re just leaving me here,” Gabby said, shaking her head. “It’s not fair. Why are you leaving? You love it here more than me!”

“I have to, Gobby. I can’t stay here forever. You’ll understand in a few years when you grow up.”

“I’m nineteen! I’m grown up enough.” Gabby felt a tear roll down her cheek and she brushed it away angrily.

“They said they couldn’t keep me on for more than another year,” Nura said quietly. “I didn’t want to wait for that. I’ve earned enough in the past few years to start a real life out there. My own house–hell, they gave me two–and my own little garden, and a dog, and a family. I want a baby.”

Gabby looked over with wide eyes. “A baby?”

“You see why I can’t stay here.” Nura brushed a stray lock of Gabby’s hair out of her face and smiled sadly. “I’ll miss you so much.”

Gabby was the one to hug Nura this time, and they held it for a good long moment before letting go.

“Hey, what about one last time together? You know, like that beach party last year.” Nura slowly peeled off the name tag and Gabby grinned.

“I was straight outta high school, and you started calling me ‘Gobby’,” she said with a laugh.

“I’ve never seen a girl suck so much dick before!” Nura chuckled. They didn’t have to wait long before a man came to them, sitting on the edge of the pool with his swim trunks down. Gabby bowed to Nura and held out her hand, and Nura wasn’t hesitant to get started. She lowered her head down onto the man’s lap, and soon a wet sucking noise sounded between the splashes of the women having fun in the pool.

Gabby felt the man’s hand grab her side and she moved over to him, rolling so he could grab a handful of her tight ass (she was so small that his one hand was enough to fully hold one cheek and then some) and she leaned on down until she was face-to-face with her friend.

It brought back memories to see Nura with her mouth filled with cock, and when the woman came up for breath, Gabby darted straight on in and began to taste him for herself. They took it in turns, kissing in between, until the man ripped Nura’s jeans off and impaled her on his cock. She gasped and began to ride while Gabby grabbed her tits from behind.

Gabby smiled and rested her head on Nura’s shoulders as she played with the woman’s breasts through her shirt; she wasn’t sure if Nura had come to the resort with a bra, but she certainly wasn’t wearing one now. They were a proper D cup handful, and she could feel the woman’s nipples harden beneath the fabric as she played. The man wasn’t merciful, and he grabbed her hips and thrust into her from below. There were only scarce minutes of sweaty humping before he gasped and let loose inside her.

Quick as a flash, Gabby moved her head down to Nura’s pussy and began to lick her as she sat atop him. It fascinated her to see the man’s cock pulsing as he unloaded inside her, and when Nura finally deigned to stand, Gabby’s mouth was eagerly waiting for the torrent of cum that poured out.

Gabby stood soon after, her mouth filled with the thick, salty jizz that the man had given Nura, and began to kiss the woman, giving her a thick mouthful as well. When they finally pulled apart, they both swallowed and laughed, hugging one last time.

“I’ll miss you, sis,” Gabby said, holding on tight.

“I’ll miss you too, Gobby. Find me when you leave this place, yeah? I’ll make sure to take care of you.”

“You’d better.” They kissed one more time then Nura put her name badge back on and watched her leave. She’d never forget Nura, and she knew that Nura would never forget her.

“Bend over,” a man said gruffly, placing a hand on Gabby’s back. Oh well, back to business.