Elysium: Teaser 1

Hi everyone, I have released a new novel available here on Amazon, and in celebration have a couple of teasers for you. I hope you enjoy this piece, it’s a completely new scene that explores some of the characters in the novel, particularly Mindy, who will be seen quite often in the novel. Stay tuned for the next teaser!

“The world is a busy place, filled with busy men. Work consumes you all: you live and breathe the rules that society thrusts upon you. Why not take a break? Why not go to a place where the traditional rules do not apply? Why not go to Elysium?” The woman’s voice paused, and the barest hint of a giggle accompanied the next words, “who wouldn’t want to go to paradise?”

Mister Wilkins rubbed his chin with a thumb and with the other caressed Mindy’s soft shoulder. It was Mindy’s voice in the video, of course: she was their biggest sell. Nobody who came to Elysium could resist a one-on-one session with the woman. As the video played images of the island to the pair on the couch, Mister Wilkins turned his head and took a moment to look Mindy up and down.

Mindy was in her mid-thirties, wielding a pair of thick black-rimmed glasses, and of course she wore her signature dress, a black number that hugged tight to her ample curves and showed off her cleavage through a diamond-shaped slit on the chest, and through the plunging neckline. They’d recruited her when she was in her early twenties, but like a fine wine she’d only become more delicious with age.

“I like this part here, sir,” Mindy said with a giggle. Mister Wilkins turned his attention back to the video and saw the screen transition to a close-up shot of a pretty girl with a dribble of cum leaking down her chin. She was giving the peace sign as she sat on a man’s cock, a wide smile on her face. “With the new video we chose new girls from the island. This one’s name is Gabby, but her friends call her Gobby, for obvious reasons.”

“She sounds like a real asset,” Mister Wilkins said, raising his eyebrows. “Has she been with us long?”
“A little while, sir. I’d have to bring up her file.”

They watched the video play through and Mister Wilkins found his hand drifting down to Mindy’s ample cleavage. He’d played with her a fair few times over the years, but he never grew tired of her breasts. His fingers quested into her low neckline and she sat up a little straighter to give him better access.

What a good girl.

The video came to a close and centred on a picture of Mindy with her hands together in her lap, her breasts thrust out. “Come and join us in Elysium, where all your dreams come true. It’s only a plane ride away. And after you ride the plane, you can always ride me!”

Mister Wilkins groaned. “Really, Mindy? That was terrible.”

“Sorry, sir,” Mindy giggled. “I couldn’t resist. I can cut it from the final product.”

“Please do.” His hand reached down to cup Mindy’s right breast, though to be honest it was a little more than a handful. She was so soft that he began to massage her, squeezing and kneading her breast within his palm.

“So that’s the video,” Mindy said. “The production cost wasn’t very high, we just gave some perks to some of our more… tech savvy guests in exchange for a little hush-hush work. I personally ensured that the video editing was an enjoyable process for them.” Mindy smiled, and Mister Wilkins rolled his eyes. No doubt she’d spent the entire time on her knees beneath the desk.

“Always the little money saver. Elysium would be in the red if it wasn’t for you,” Mister Wilkins said, shaking his head. When they recruited her she was just another cocksucker on bathroom duty, but after a few years she’d made it up to Head of Island Management. Now she did everything from manage the staff to analyse their finances. Some of the finances, at least; there were things that even Mindy didn’t know.

“I live to serve the island, sir,” Mindy said. “Now, in terms of revenue, we’re up three percent this quarter, and guest satisfaction is at its peak. One thing the guests loved was the toilet duty awards, as nearly twelve percent of guests mentioned it on their parting survey.”

Mister Wilkins squeezed Mindy’s nipple, causing her to close her eyes and suck in a breath of air. He pulled his hand out of her dress and placed it on the back of her head, where he gently guided her down to his crotch.

Mindy didn’t exactly resist: before her head made it within a foot of his lap her hands were already unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants.

“The toilet duty awards. I remember when you had the idea for those. I thought it was a joke!” Mister Wilkins laughed, but then gasped as Mindy’s soft, warm mouth enveloped him. She shuffled her knees back on the couch so that her tight ass was sticking out, and he swatted it once with his hand as she began in earnest.

Perhaps Mindy’s greatest talent, more than any record-keeping or innovations, was her ability to suck dick. She didn’t make a show of it—she wasn’t one of those girls that looked up and kept eye contact, that drew it out to lick it and play with it across her face—she didn’t like to show off. The entire time Mindy gave a blowjob, the cock was at the back of her throat and she was sucking it with a wet tch tch tch of her mouth, giving her entire, undivided attention to the man’s pole.

“Fucking hell, Mindy, I have to call you in here more often!” Mister Wilkins groaned. “As to the awards, we’ll double whatever the prize pools are and put more emphasis on the ceremony, make it a big show. That should draw in the crowds and make it a more memorable night.”

Mindy’s head went like a jackhammer and Mister Wilkins groaned again. Her hands searched around for his, grabbed them, and put them on the back of her auburn hair. He took the invitation and began to buck his hips, busily face-fucking her with all his strength.

There were no words he had to say to Mindy. No need to warn her, or instruct her, she already knew exactly what was going to happen, and exactly how to please him. When he exploded in her mouth, his tip at the back of her wet throat, she began to audibly gulp again and again, swallowing everything.

“Damn, Mindy. Is there anything you can’t do?” he said with a laugh as she began to clean up. The easiest way to clean, of course, was for her to suck up the drool and the last remnants of his load as swallow them down with a grin.

“I’ll make the preparations, sir,” she said, placing a delicate hand at her mouth like she was somehow shy.

“See to it. And come by again this afternoon. I have some paperwork I need to do, and I wouldn’t mind if you made the process more… enjoyable.”

“I’ll wear my kneepads, sir,” Mindy said.

“Make sure that you do. It is a lot of paperwork.”

End of Teaser 1. Check out Teaser 2 here.