Freeuse World Part 2: Home

I drove the Mercedes along home to our little apartment in the city. Sammy’s parents lived out in the country but the two of us needed to stay close to work and college, so we made sure to live as close to the city centre as our pockets would allow.

“I’m so glad that went well,” Sammy said, relaxing in the passenger seat. She had tossed her hair back and was pulling out her phone from the middle of her cleavage. She had placed it on the side of the table at dinner so it wouldn’t get in the way of my groping, but God did it look good sticking out from between her 36C’s. Sometimes I think she keeps it in there just so that I will have to go searching for it if I have to use it.

“I think your dad really likes me,” I said, turning onto the freeway. “I have to admit I was nervous when you ducked under the table to blow me.”

“Because I left you alone? Aw, you’re a big boy, Scott.” She laughed and put her phone away in the glove compartment, then leaned over and cuddled into me while I drove. I wrapped an arm around her and let it dangle with my palm resting on her left breast.

“So when we get home…” I began.

“Yes, yes,” she replied with a chuckle. “I’ll let you just destroy my asshole. It’s the least I can do. Not that you usually ask to do so usually…”

“It’s just that you don’t usually offer,” I replied. She smiled and nuzzled in further.

I sped all the way home at ten over the limit, the crotch on my pants already beginning to grow uncomfortably tight. Sammy gave me a little massage with her hands, and then, as we neared our building, even began to lick my cock like an ice-cream cone. She was more than capable of throating me, but in her muffled words, “shave it for lager”.

Our apartment was in the centre of the city’s business district, which was a good, expensive location. I come from money as well, though not as much as Sammy, so our combined wealth allowed us to buy a Mercedes and a nice place with enough left over to furnish it with the very best. We arrived at our building and I gave the Mercedes off to the valet with my zipper still undone.

Sammy held onto my arm as I led her into the lobby, then up the elevator to the 15th floor. As soon as the doors closed I thrust the woman against the wall, one hand sliding up her short black dress, the other held onto her back. Her mouth forced itself against mine and I lifted her up off the floor, causing her to wrap her legs around me. I felt around inside her dress and found that she wasn’t wearing any panties (hardly surprising) and that she was soaking wet between her legs.

Sammy kissed me with more urgency as my fingers entered her tight pussy, two of them sliding upward and getting in knuckle-deep. She was so damn tight that it made a slurping noise when I pulled them out only to thrust them back in again, causing her to moan and bring her mouth down on my neck, biting softly as my fingers played inside her.

The doors opened on floor 10 and a young couple stepped inside, ignoring us as much as we ignored them. They must have been headed for the rooftop pool because the girl wore a bikini bottom with no top, revealing a large set of D breasts, and the man had a pair of swim trunks on.

Sammy’s hips bucked as she forced my fingers in deeper, humping my hand and still nibbling on my neck, her hands clawing at my back. When the door open she practically jumped off me and ran to our apartment room, dragging me along behind her.

It would be an interesting night.

End of Part 2.