A Cum Dump Part 2

Nancy was down at the local supermarket when the call came through on her beeper. She’d gone to the trouble of putting on a short skirt and doing her makeup, all to impress the supermarket cashier that had been giving her suggestive smiles for weeks now. He was handsome and she was more than open for the idea of a relationship, but with her line of work it was tough to get into anything serious.

She sighed and put her basket down on the floor, then slipped out of the building without much fuss. She felt bad for the shelf stockers that would have to put her groceries back, but when work called she didn’t have much of a choice.

The beep came from Michael again, who was getting a little demanding lately. He had called her twice today, and had even conflicted with one of her other appointments, making her late. She didn’t like being late.

She drove her car back down to Michael’s and, with a sigh, opened the door. He was sitting on his couch, a hardcore porno playing on his 55” plasma TV.

“You needed me?” Nancy asked. Michael had his cock in his hand and his eyes glued to the show, where a woman was getting her ass slamed by a big black dude.

“Get on your knees,” he grunted. Nancy was actually relieved by that; from the movie, she had suspected that he had wanted to finish in her asshole. In her mouth was far easier and less messy.

She moved in front of him, opened her mouth, and waited patiently. She didn’t have to wait long. He thrust himself inside and into the back of her throat, and she wraped her lips around him. He pumped a few times, then drew back so her lips were just around his tip, giving him enough length to continue jerking with his free hand.

Nancy felt a yawn come on but stifled it as his hand thudded against her chin with every jerk. He didn’t have long to go, and his speed increased as he drew near. Nancy used her tongue to flick against the sensitive part beneath his tip and he exploded inside her mouth with a moan and a shudder.

Nancy remained perfectly still while he blew his load, and as the warm sperm filled her mouth and settled over her tongue she wondered if she would have a chance to get back to the supermarket in the afternoon. It would be a pain if a client called just as she got there… but her fridge was empty, and she couldn’t survive on sperm alone.

Michael shudddered a few more times than pulled out. He stood up and wandered over to his kitchen, probably to find himself a snack, and Nancy got up off her knees.

She didn’t swallow the big load in her mouth, but rather just left out the door and spat it into the bushes on her way to her car. A thick white goo spilled onto the ground and she felt a little bad that she hadn’t swallowed. It was kind of like wasting food, in a way. But she needed something in her stomach besides that, otherwise she’d just get a tummy ache.

Back to the supermarket!

End of Part 2.