Great news everybody I’m proud to announce the release of book 3 in the Sam Fox series Survival!

This announcement comes a little bit late as my life has been a little hectic lately, as it has been published for a few days now. Nevertheless, I want everybody to know that the third book in my series is now released!

I’m sure you’re going to love it and it’s my cheapest book so far at only 2.99 USD. At 12,500 words it’s better value than most freeuse books on the market.


When the world fell to pieces and the Sleepers took over, Sonya lost the person closest to her: her husband, Mark. With her biological clock ticking and her single-minded goal to become a mother at any cost, she uses Jim, a man she despises, for the one thing she cannot do herself. After months of trying with no success, she happens upon another man, named Art, who might be the solution she needs, but it will come at a cost…
What will Sonya do to fulfil her greatest wish? To what lengths will she go?
The latest hardcore erotic novella in the Sam Fox series explores these questions and more in Survival.

I’m working on putting it in the store page now. Enjoy!