Author’s note: I separated this post into three pages. At first it was going to be two pages because it was from two points of view (Rick & Mimi), but then it turned out to be 2,000 words and I decided it needed a third! Check out page two and three at the bottom!

Rick booted up the game and was greeted with a character creation screen. There were four models to choose from, two white girls, one black and one Asian, and he found himself chewing the inside of his lip, trying to pick. He’d be stuck with the one avatar until he was midway-through the level system, so he’d have to choose well.

He picked the black girl, if only because her ass was just glorious, and was taken to a customisation screen. He couldn’t change the girl’s measurements (that would take plastic surgery, and was reserved for premium members) but he could choose makeup, outfits, different colour hair, that kind of thing.

He went for smooth all over and her natural long, black hair, with complimentary light but visible makeup. For an outfit he picked a pair of light blue hot pants with a hole cut in the back, and a tiny bra that didn’t even cover her nipples.

Without the need to dye her hair, and only the small task of removing the little patch over her tight cunt, the whole preparation process only took twenty minutes. Rick played on his phone while the buffer loaded.

Fucklife was a game in which the avatars were real models, and were given a little chip in the base of their necks that granted full control to someone on a computer system. The models were well-paid, because it was apparently a freaky experience to have somebody control your body for you. Because of that these little loading screens during character creation were an unfortunate necessity.

The game system gave a little chime and he put his phone away, licked his lips, and placed his hands on his keyboard.

His avatar, BootyGirl56, would move with each key he pressed, would say whatever he typed, would do whatever he goddamn wanted whenever he goddamn wanted.

This would be fun.