My Life as an Avatar

Author’s note: This was originally 3 seperate posts, but I decided not to chop it up. Thus, it is longer than most other pieces on the site. The line breaks indicate scene breaks or breaks in perspective. Enjoy!

Rick booted up the game and was greeted with a character creation screen. There were four models to choose from, two white girls, one black and one Asian, and he found himself chewing the inside of his lip, trying to pick. He’d be stuck with the one avatar until he was midway-through the level system, so he’d have to choose well.

He picked the black girl, if only because her ass was just glorious, and was taken to a customisation screen. He couldn’t change the girl’s measurements (that would take plastic surgery, and was reserved for premium members) but he could choose makeup, outfits, different colour hair, that kind of thing.

He went for smooth all over and her natural long, black hair, with complimentary light but visible makeup. For an outfit he picked a pair of light blue hot pants with a hole cut in the back, and a tiny bra that didn’t even cover her nipples.

Without the need to dye her hair, and only the small task of removing the little patch over her tight cunt, the whole preparation process only took twenty minutes. Rick played on his phone while the buffer loaded.

Fucklife was a game in which the avatars were real models, and were given a little chip in the base of their necks that granted full control to someone on a computer system. The models were well-paid, because it was apparently a freaky experience to have somebody control your body for you. Because of that these little loading screens during character creation were an unfortunate necessity.

The game system gave a little chime and he put his phone away, licked his lips, and placed his hands on his keyboard.

His avatar, BootyGirl56, would move with each key he pressed, would say whatever he typed, would do whatever he goddamn wanted whenever he goddamn wanted.

This would be fun.

Mimi felt her body move and watched herself walk over to the window and look down. They were on the twenty-second floor and so high up that, if she’d been in control, she would have taken a few hasty steps back.

The player controlling her actions, however, was happy to ogle at the view for a good long time He eventually grew tired of it and directed her to the bathroom, where a wall-long mirror was there for the player’s pleasure.

Mimi despised this part. She’d been the avatar for three different people (she assumed men, but it was never disclosed to her) and they all began the same way. She felt like a dirty sex toy, and usually this wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, but in this line of work she was nothing but a silicone doll to be used by the players.

She was brought in front of the mirror and her eyes roamed over her body. At 5”5 she was a big girl in a small package. She’d been given elective surgery when she signed up to Fucklife, which had brought her natural 32Cs to a full double D cup, and her ass into a proper bubblebutt. Her beautiful skin was properly moisturised and tended to, meaning that she had nearly no flaws over her whole body.

She felt the player move her hands to her breasts, where they held the full round orbs and played with them dextrously. They were a little weighty, and they jiggled nicely beneath her skimpy bra. She sighed as one of the hands moved down to the ridiculous hot pants and pulled them down. Her shaved pussy was quite pretty, and the player wasted no time in spreading it open to have a look.

After he was finished (which took a while) the player made her turn around and bend over, with her head peeking at the mirror over her shoulder. Luckily she was quite flexible, and the pose was very familiar: the hole in her hot pants exposed her asshole and pussy to the world, and the pose spread her cheeks a little.

Thankfully the player didn’t spend much more time playing with her, but took her quickly out of the apartment and down to the ground floor. The elevator was empty, but the foyer of the apartment building was filled with men and women, some lounging around, some sucking each other off, some taking advantage of the swings or the toys that decorated the walls and the dedicated play areas.

Mimi had seen it all before, but the player made her take in all the sights: the girls kiss-fighting on the rug, their asses plugged and their cheeks painted red from paddling; the girls fighting to give a man a blowjob; the men ramming girls’ asses with the strength and fury of athletes.

Most of the action was lesbian, of course; the players saw things from the girls’ point of view, meaning that it was better for them to see a pussy than a cock, and that was what Mimi’s player focussed on. He took her to a small group of girls lounging on plush red couches in their underwear (if they were lucky) and took her to sit on one’s lap.

The woman was a fetish toy, Mimi was sure; at 6”5 she was tall, taller than most girls, and wore a kinky red lingerie set. Her breasts were at least an E cup, and her long red hair was brushed over one shoulder, her eyes roaming the fun that was taking place on the floor before them.

The woman reacted to Mimi’s presence in a predictable way; one long arm wrapped itself around Mimi’s waist and held her close, the other rubbing along the inside of her thigh.

Mimi felt herself grow wet; one thing that had made her sign up for the avatar program was that she was always more interested in women than in men. The woman finally turned her gaze to Mimi, and she smiled. Her pretty pale face and full red lips looked so kissable that Mimi felt glad when her player brought her face up.

The woman opened her mouth and Mimi was engulfed, her mouth filled with tongue; it wasn’t likely that the woman’s player was controlling her tongue, so the feeling of wetness between her legs only grew. The woman liked her!

The tongue explored her mouth and her hands, under the strict instructions of her player, explored the redhead’s body, moving from voluptuous tits to stiff red nipples, down to full thick thighs, and then to the tight, warm, and wet (god it was so wet!) pussy between her legs. A tiny patch of red hair served as a landing strip and Mimi’s fingers ran through it.

Their players wouldn’t content with just heavy petting and kissing, though; the redhead woman’s hands fell to Mimi’s thighs, then with surprising strength, picked her up and flipped her round. Mimi’s hands fell to the woman’s knees and all of a sudden she was crouching with her ass in the redhead’s face. The woman had the strength of an Amazon!

Mimi wasn’t sure where the woman found the plug—it felt like she pulled it out of thin air—but when the spit hit her asshole and the thick end of the toy slipped between her cheeks it felt like the woman had magicked it up out of nowhere.

Mimi groaned as the plug entered her, and when it was up to the hilt she felt a wet tongue slip into her snatch and begin to explore. It was almost too much for her, but she wasn’t allowed to cum just yet; the player had full control over her orgasms, and this one wasn’t pressing the damn button.

The feeling of the tongue sliding between her lips, licking up and down her clit, combined with the plug sent her eyes rolling in the back of her head, and her heart racing fit to burst. Soon, however, she was flipped back and the redhead kissed her once more, the taste of her own juices on the woman’s tongue filling her mouth.

She was almost too eager when her player sent her to her knees and made her pull the redhead’s skimpy lingerie aside. She dove into the woman’s cunt like her life depended on it, tasting the woman’s juices and what must have been the remains of a man’s load lodged deep inside. She lapped it all up and her tongue flicked with practiced ease. Occasionally if the player wanted her to suffer he could set her going for hours, and the repetitive motion would give her cramps and muscle pains, but it was her first time on her knees for close to three days since her last contract had ended, and she was rested and ready to go.

Her eyes drifted up and saw the redhead woman’s mouth opened in a moan; the lucky bitch must have had a player more than happy to use the orgasm button.

Mimi didn’t know how long the “session” went, but when the redhead brought out the strap on her sense of time pretty much flew out the window. The monster toy stretched her out and, with the plug still lodged firmly in her ass, worked to fuck her senseless.

Eventually, finally, gloriously, far past the point when she thought she couldn’t take it any longer, her player allowed her to cum. The feeling of her vaginal walls contracting over the monster made her shudder and nearly pass out; her juices drenched the object and her body shuddered out of control.

The redhead woman held her for a few moments, then grabbed her hair and kissed her roughly on the lips. Mimi let it happen, then felt the woman’s hands grab her and turn her around. Soon she was sitting reverse-cowgirl on the redhead woman’s strap-on. Her player made her bounce hard and fast, but the redhead woman’s hands forced her to stop.

Mimi was confused at first, but then she realised what was happening. She wasn’t going to keep fucking the woman; that wasn’t what the redhead wanted. Instead, the woman wanted her to sit still, to keep her strap-on warm, while she watched the girls fucking on the floor below.

Mimi’s player realised this and sat solidly, eyes roaming the party before them. Mimi got a chance to breathe, to collect her wits. She’d nearly been fucked senseless. Her eyes fell on a pair of Japanese girls with their fingers up to their knuckles in each other, and she felt the familiar tug that would take her from her sitting position to the floor.

She was powerless to resist and so she slowly, painfully, pulled her body off the monster strap on and moved forward. Out of the corner of her eye Mimi saw the redhead remained where she was, her arms spread out over the couch. She must have had a veteran player controlling her; after a while the players realised that if you just waited somebody would come to you.

Indeed, a white girl was already moving over to the slick strap-on that protruded from the redhead’s crotch. Mimi felt a twinge of regret as her head turned fully and she went to the middle of the Japanese girls, who were more than happy to make room for one more. She would have liked another turn at the redhead’s mercy.