Molly Jane 2: A second compilation review

Welcome, and as always, Link Available Here!

Welcome friends and family, and this time we’re revisiting an old friend: Molly Jane. In this compilation, Molly plays the same role as before, with some incredibly memorable scenarios.


We open with our 32 triple D all-naturals star playing a very thoughtful daughter in “peacemaker”. As her father argues with her mother she stands outside the door and worries that her dad’s going to leave. The solution, of course, is to take her top of, get down on her knees, and suck her dad’s dick. It’s here that we see a great swallow and a perfect example of a freeuse scenario, in which she is available for him whenever he needs.

The video continues on with a “going to the movies” scene in which Molly’s dad promises to go to the movies with her mum, but as she leaves the room, Molly enters. This scene is interesting because halfway through her mother enters once more and they have to pretend that Molly is just sitting on her dad’s lap, and that nothing sleazy is going on (at that moment he is deep inside her, with her bare pussy covered by her short dress).

This is incredibly hot and falls into an ignore/hold the moan type category (for more information there are large Reddit communities) and of course finishes the scene with Molly’s mother going to the movies alone and Molly receiving a deep creampie.Molly-Jane-Daddy-Im-Not-Mom-15_thumb97-1024x576

All in all, the way Molly is used at every opportunity in this compilation is incredibly sexy, and the way they just leave after the big finish in every scene (creampie or swallow) is a great turn on. I hope you enjoy!