Prisoner Teaser 2

Hi everyone, here is a second teaser for my novel Prisoner now available on Amazon here. It clocks in at 11,227 words, or close to 30 pages depending on font size (on ebook readers it will be a lot more). This is not a part of the actual novel, but rather a side story to show you what you can expect if you purchase it. I hope you enjoy!

Amy ran her fingers through her long, silky black hair and washed the shampoo through. That was the only good thing about this place: in Carson’s Locke Prison, the female inmates were the most valuable commodities, so they didn’t spare any money on high-quality moisturizers and shampoos. They wanted the girls to look their best—it made them more fuckable.

The showers were spaces evenly apart so close that Amy could have reached out to touch the naked woman next to her. This, too, was done for a purpose: there were close to ten cameras covering every inch of the showers, and the tapes were sold to the highest bidder.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and jumped, turning quickly.

“Calm down, girl, there’s no need to throw a fit.” Butch. Amy couldn’t decide if the woman was as bad or worse than the prison guards. Butch was a favorite among the men running the place, simply because she was more than happy to take advantage of every naked girl she came across, and she was so big and burly that few girls would even resist. She was their little star, and though they would often come into her cell to drop a load off down her throat, she maintained the position at the top of the food chain among the inmates.

Amy sighed inwardly and looked over Butch’s muscled frame. She had large breasts and a toned, flat stomach, with arms that for a woman were muscular but couldn’t hold up to the weightlifter-guards that patrolled the area. At least she didn’t have her strap-on today.

“I’m calm,” Amy said defensively. “Who’s not calm?”

Butch’s eyes roamed up and down her naked body. Every girl in Carson’s Locke had a good body from enforced dieting and heavy exercise. Amy had a small pair of B cup breasts but she made up for it with her beautiful bone structure.

“You don’t seem calm,” Butch said, a peculiar look coming over her eyes. “I’ll tell you what, how about I give you a massage?”
“You don’t have—”

“I insist,” she growled. Amy let her shoulders slump and turned around. The place was hard enough without having to worry about what happened in the showers. Butch’s hands on her shoulders were surprisingly soft, but it wasn’t surprising when they edged around her front to roam over her soapy breasts, brushing tantalizingly across her hard nipples, and then down to her waist, to her thighs, and then to between her legs.

Despite herself, Amy found her breath growing short and her legs growing weak. Leave it to Butch to know how to touch a girl just right enough to get her heart racing. She faltered and Butch stepped up close enough that she could lean in to Butch’s hard, muscled framed. There the lesbian cradled her, her hand brushing along Amy’s lower lips.

Amy was about to bend over—it was a matter of time before Butch commanded it, and she didn’t have a hope of refusing—when Butch stepped back.

“Wha?” Amy began. She wasn’t complaining, but it wasn’t like Butch to leave her be.

“Gimme a tick, sweetheart,” Butch replied with a wicked grin. She turned and hurried over to the far side of the showers where the towels were situated. She rummaged around for a while before straightening up and turning with something long and black in her hands.

Great. She’d found that elusive strap-on.

Amy groaned as Butch made her way over, buckling the little black harness around her waist as she went. The toy had a nub on the end that inserted into her own pussy, giving her pleasure while she railed her next helpless victim.

Amy turned around obediently when Butch walked up to her, and bent over and wrapped her arms around her shins. Butch caressed her hips for a few moments, then slowly guided the tip of the monster toy to Amy’s lips.

Amy had been on the receiving end of the device a few times before, and it was even worse than getting pounded by the guards. At least they were a realistic size: Butch’s toy, nicknamed “monster”, was a twelve-incher.

Butch spat on the tip, which was kind of unnecessary as they were under the heavy, steaming water of the showers, and guided it slowly but surely inside. Amy grunted as the thing stretched her out and began to probe deeper and deeper, and Butch seemed to be getting off on it as well, her body shuddering a little as she breathed heavily.

Amy closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as “Monster” delved deeper… and deeper…

“Oh my god,” Amy moaned.

“Fuckin’ A,” Butch growled. The tip prodded in so deep that it scratched an itch Amy didn’t even know she had; as it slowly began to pull out she felt her toes curl and her fingernails dig into the palms of her hands. She began to groan as Butch brought it in and out like a machine, grunting like a wild beast.

Of the other girls in the shower some would turn their heads away and some would unashamedly look on with a mixture of boredom and relief. This wasn’t an uncommon sight in this prison, and they were damn glad it wasn’t them being bent over and fucked.

Amy began to cry out as Butch took no mercy on her, pounding her and slapping her ass, eventually forcing her to the floor where the bigger woman towered over her, forcing her face into the polished white tiles.

Amy didn’t know how long it lasted but Butch only stopped when she’d gotten off from the little nub rubbing against her clit. Most of the other girls had finished in the showers and Butch left Amy there, her left cheek resting against the warm tiles, naked on the floor.