Resort Island Chp. 1 Manga Review

I’ve been browsing the internet yet again to bring you the good stuff and I think I have delivered! Today we see a hentai manga about an island resort where the women are free to use to all guests.

Click on the following link to read the manga, just be careful of the ads! There are three chapters in all, which I will be reviewing separately, but can all be accessed from the link provided. Below is a slideshow of my favourite selection for your viewing pleasure.

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Inamura Shun, 23 years old, spends most of his days wanking off to internet porn because of his special talent: he has an insatiable, never-ending sex drive. He comes across an email detailing an island in which one can have sex at any time, with any girl. He manages to get a tour of the island with a deferred payment plan, despite the cost of 36 million dollars, and when he gets on the island… that is where the fun begins.

I love the artwork in this series, and I enjoy the fact that it doesn’t waste time, and gets started straight away. We get our first shot of shaved vaginas on page 5, breasts on page 6, and a blowjob beginning on page 7.

This chapter has just about everything I would have wanted in a hentai manga like this: plenty of blowjobs, cumplay, swallowing, anal, the whole nine yards. hcdn0009

Despite this, there are some downsides, at least for me personally. Page 19 contains a piss scene, which personally isn’t for me, though I don’t like to judge. In addition, it annoys me a little how the classic “spray everywhere” trope sends literal gallons of semen flying around, but I’ve come to accept it as a hentai/manga trope that isn’t going anywhere.

The dialogue is very poor, which is as expected in a series like this, but I don’t think it detracts much from the fun of the story. The classic “is this what a dick tastes like?!” or “this is a real deepthroat” or “fuck my mouth pussy” is very common to hentai. I don’t read it much for the dialogue, though, mostly for the fantastic artwork.

Overall this is a great series, and I believe that they have made a hentai anime from this, which I will be reviewing soon. Trust me: it’s worth a read!