Hi everyone I have great news!
Book 2 in the Sam Fox series, Prisoner, totalling in at near 20,000 words, is now live on Amazon!

Prisoner is something I’ve been teasing for a while and is a new foray into a more dark side of the freeuse idea. Here are the tags that cover most of the material described in this book:

Tags: Anal, Bored and Ignored, Blowjob, BDSM, Caning, Cavity Search, Freeuse, Lesbian, Milking Sperm, Prison Break, Prostitution, Slave, Showering, Spanking, Swallowing, Toys.

The book focusses around a female inmate called Alice who is incarcerated at the infamous Carson’s Locke prison, where the worst of the worst female prisoners are incarcerated. A move by the warden and the assistant warden has the place running as an impromptu brothel, where female prisoners are pimped out to the highest bidder.

Some of my favourite themes are explored in passages such as the milking table scene described below.

The girls didn’t need to be told what to do—this was a regular ritual, and the only time they were spared was on public holidays, which only fell on a Tuesday a handful of times a year. Alice was in cubicle number 14 today, and she obediently went in and ducked under the massage table, sitting hunched over beneath it on the floor.

She heard a man yelling and imagined that one or two of the new girls probably had to be forced into the cramped spaced, but she ignored it and waited patiently for her client to arrive. When it came to Carson’s Locke, some of the executives (she heard this from the milking clients sometimes, when they were talkative) saw the prison as a retreat, a kind of paradise. They came here to see their needs fulfilled and left with glowing reports of the place, as well as a decent amount of extra funding for the institution.

Alice heard a man enter and saw his legs as he moved onto the table. He lay down above her and something hard poked through the hole in the underside of the table. She reached up and grasped a long pole in one hand, then spat on it and began rubbing.

Milking tables, at least in Carson’s Locke, weren’t a bad way to spend the morning. She could get away with a hand job for most of it, as long as she wrapped her lips around the shaft and swallowed the hot load when the man was finished. Men tended to like that feeling, shooting a load inside a warm mouth, and swallowing was good for her because (even though the taste was bad) it didn’t cause a mess and kept her clean. She’d be tasting the salty jizz at the back of her throat all day, but it was more than worth it.

If you would like more of a teaser, check out my teaser chapter linked here.

I hope you choose to give it a read and continue to support my work. Thank you for reading.