Dad Thinks I’m Mom Review

Welcome to my newest review, Link Available Here!

This week we have a real treat in the form of Molly Jane, a great brunette with some rocking 32 triple D, all natural breasts. Molly Jane’s compilation features a father constantly mistaking his beautiful big-titted daughter for his wife and using her at his leisure. Of course, this compilation contains a plethora of memorable lines on Molly’s part such as “but, um…”, “ah?” and of course, “…dad?”


All jokes aside, I love this short Molly Jane fetish piece because her father (in the clips) is happy to just walk in and use Molly whenever he feels like it. She is surprisingly willing to suck dick and take the odd creampie from him, too, despite a few half-hearted protests.

It’s a perfect freeuse compilation that is guaranteed to bring a little bit of pleasure to your life, so check it out.

P.S. Honestly, those breasts are so amazing that they make this whole compilation in itself. Well done, Molly!