Bathroom Thoughts

Lynda was stuck halfway through the wall with her bubble-butt free for the public to use at their discretion. It was a good job and it paid well, and Lynda often felt that she had an itch that only an 8-inch cock could scratch.

The day began with a rush; in the first hour three men had used her, two in her vagina, one in her asshole. They had finished inside her and she was already overflowing, but it was a comfortable feeling that she was very used to.

She yawned as the fourth man began. The inside of the wall led to another room that held a mini-fridge, a TV with headphones jacks, and a number of books that the girls could check out. She grabbed a magazine herself and began to shuffle through the pages as the man pounded her.

She felt him pull out of her pussy and search for her tight asshole; it wasn’t long before he speared her good and proper, and she paused in her reading to let out a deep breath. It felt good.

Lynda had finished school with a high score and a university engineering course with distinctions. She had wanted to design buildings to add to the city skyline that she saw every day out the window of the train. Jobs, though, were harder to find than a virgin asshole at a graduation ceremony these days.

She wiggled her little ass to give the man behind a helping hand before flipping to a news article in her magazine about recommended daily intakes of semen to maintain a healthy body. She’d certainly be meeting her quota for today!