Spartacus Review & Compiled

Attention everybody, please bookmark this page because I’ve decided to compile the best Spartacus sex scenes on my site!


Scene 1: big titted slave fucked from behind.

Scene 2: slave riding while wife watches.

Scene 3: using slaves to suck off husband & finger wife.

Scene 4: slaves forced to fuck ugly man.

Prequel Compilation

Season 1 Compilation

Season 2 Compilation


Spartacus, for those who don’t know, is a tv show that features some just great nudity and sex scenes that have a strong freeuse element. I posted the first link on Reddit and got a lot of notice because of just how well it caters to the freeuse fetish, but there are others, so be sure to check them out!

First, we begin with a link I’ve already posted to the reddit community, featured in season 1 episode 6, in which Battiatus takes a big-breasted slave’s ass while his wife, naked in the bath, watches. (Link). You can see a screen cap from this scene below. The woman in the scene, Laura Surrich, hasn’t been in any other nude scenes that I can find, but you can find a neat interview regarding the scene here.


Second we have a scene from Season 1 episode 9, where Battiatus is fucking one of his slaves with her on top, while Lucretia (Lucy Lawless), his wife, lays next to him and discusses important matters. It is only a short scene, but Battiatus clearly finishes inside his slave while Lucretia watches in pleasure. (Link).


Third we have a scene from Season 1 episode 2, in which Battiatus and Lucretia talk and undress, and Battiatus uses a slave to suck him off to ready him for sex with his wife. Lucretia also uses the female slave’s fingers to get her off while she watches the blowjob, before fucking her husband.¬†(Link).


Fourth we have something a bit more hardcore, a scene from Spartacus Gods of the Arena. I have to confess I haven’t seen much of this season, but this scene shows two slave girls greeting their Dominus, and sees one of them forced to fuck a big, disgusting man at his instance, in public. (Link).


Finally, we have two more links:

Season 1: Blood and Sand Compilation: Link. (This is my personal fav season!)

Prequel Season: Gods of the Arena Compilation: Link. This series has Jaime Murray, who, thank God, has a ton of lesbian sex & threeway sex with Lucretia and Battiatus in this season. Worth a watch!

Season 2: Vengeance: Link. Unfortunately I could only find a compilation in French, but it’s still worth a watch.