Prisoner Teaser 1

Hi everyone, here is a teaser for my novel Prisoner now available on Amazon here. It clocks in at 11,227 words, or close to 30 pages depending on font size (on ebook readers it will be a lot more). The chapters are broken up into in-text days, leading to an uneven word count, but here is the first two paragraphs for your enjoyment.

Chapter 1: Monday

“Bend over and cough.” Alice obeyed the order and leaned over to touch her toes, staring dully at the floor. Her naked body was lean and supple after years of exercise and monitored eating in prison, and she was no stranger to this kind of inspection, either. The man’s fingers entered her asshole and she grimaced and took it as he dug around inside her, lubed up with water-based lubricant.

She tried to focus on a little crack in the floor as the fingers probed her, then were slowly removed. She wasn’t naive enough to stand up, however; this cavity search wasn’t even close to finished. If she was even in the slightest disobedient he would punish her with a beating that would make it impossible to sit down for twenty-four hours.

There was a loud ziiiiiip behind her, and Alice gritted her teeth as something long and thick entered her in place of the fingers.

“There we go,” the man behind her said, grunting. He buried himself up to the hilt in her asshole, no slow entering, just a heavy thrust that pushed Alice forward so that she almost fell over on her face. Luckily (or not so luckily?) the guard had her by the hips and he held her steady as he began to pound her.

Slap, slap, slap, the sound of him humping her with the strength and speed of a horny teenager filled the inspection room and Alice closed her eyes and waited for it to be over. There weren’t any kind of objections leaving her lips, or complaints for the way she was taken advantage of and fucked in her tightest hole. There was only the lone sound of wet slapping as the precum from the man’s cock slowly wet her asshole even more than the lube.

It didn’t take long.

There was a wet feeling deep inside her, a sharp intake of breath, and the pounding slowed. She was no stranger to a thick, hot creampie, and if anything, Alice was glad that there was a nice wet load inside her to make the next instance of anal, which would probably occur within the hour, slightly easier on her.

A few motionless seconds later the man behind her was pulling out of the hole and doing up his zipper. Alice felt something run down her crack and drip onto the floor. She waited in that position while there was the sound of a cameraphone snapping pictures, then the man grunted and told her to get dressed. She didn’t even clean up the messy creampie—there was no point. Just pulled her panties up over it and felt the fabric grow wet from the warm sperm.

She put on her orange jumpsuit and followed the man out of the interview room and into the prison’s main hall.

It was just another Monday morning.


Alice was one of several hundred high-security inmates at Carson’s Locke—the prison feared throughout the female criminal underworld. It was known throughout Alice’s circles as the “soft noose” because once you stepped inside it tightened around your neck, and the only way out was in a bodybag.

There were only 30 guards on staff at the prison, all of them burly men, which meant there were roughly eight to ten inmates to every guard, which for such a high-security prison, could have been dangerous in any other circumstances. Still, the positions at Carson’s Locke were highly desirable. Why? Because the place was out of the way of the public eye, far from the closest television cameras or nosy reporters, the rules on guard conduct were… how would she put it… lax.

She walked past a cell where Butch, one of the tall lesbians that dominated the showers, was herself getting dominated by a man with a satisfied smile on his face. He held her curly red hair in one hand and was forcing her to suck his cock while he played with his phone in the other. Butch sucked on the cock with a bored expression—cocks didn’t interest her nearly as much as the other prisoners and their naked feminine bodies. There was already a line of jizz along Butch’s chin (she was a favourite among the guards, who loved the collection of security tapes from the shower rooms) and before too long another load was dripping out of her mouth as the guard finished on her tongue.

The hot sperm leaked onto the floor and the man slowly zipped up his pants and buckled up his belt, then turned to leave. He saw Alice looking and merely nodded at her, and walked past to the corridor. Alice saw another man make his way into the cell, urgently pulling his pants down along the way, and Butch obediently opened her recently-creampied mouth and clamped it around the man’s cock, beginning the process all over again.

Poor Butch… but still, she did deserve it. She made half the girls in the prison her bitch and played with them in the showers, and since the guards had installed close to 40 cameras to capture the view from every angle, she had quickly became their favourite little porn star. They would watch the tapes in the guard rooms and when they couldn’t take it anymore they’d go to her cell and relieve themselves with the star in person.

Alice moved past the display and into her own cell, where her bed had been stripped and the blankets thrown to the floor. She sighed and bent down to pick them up when a hand slapped her ass hard, and pulled down the orange pants she wore to show her panties.

“Thanks for the fun, toots,” a guard said, chuckling to himself. She turned and frowned, then finally placed him as the one who had given her an anal pounding just before during the cavity search. He must have followed her just to see the stain on her panties when she returned to her cell.

Alice didn’t feel anger toward the man; she had been in Carson’s Locke for five years now, and this was all par for the course. The guard took another picture with his phone and left, and she began to make her bed and wonder what was going to be served for lunch.

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