Imperial Prostitute Review

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute is a freeuse story by HandcuffGirl on Literotica. I just had to write a review for it because I enjoyed it so much! I originally began reading this story at series 3, set a good way ahead of this first series.

One thing that I love about this story is that you don’t have to be a fan of Star Wars to enjoy it; even with very little knowledge of it all, it holds up to contemporary science fiction while delivering the freeuse content we know and love through a character that would do anything to service the Galactic Empire. In addition, I found that you can dive right into series 3 without even having read the previous ones including this. However, I encourage you to read this first.


SX-51472—Seventy-Two, for short—was naked. She had brown hair that was cut very short, and she was slim, lithe and slight of stature, but athletic. Her lean muscles had the strength and definition that came from months of intensive ProCorps workouts. On the toned abs of her lower belly, between her navel and her smooth, hairless pussy, she had a tattoo of the Imperial sigil, with her official title—Imperial Prostitute—and serial number inscribed beneath it.

I love the imagery used in this story, and the way it is put together. Everything that 72 — a dutiful member of the Imperial Army — does is for the benefit of the Galactic Empire.

Brief Synopsis:

Imperial Prostitute 72, once named Jaina Solo, was once a proud Jedi Knight, before the Galactic Empire brainwashed her into becoming a “procorp” trooper — a member of the prostitution corps. She now serves the Galactic Empire by servicing the men or women in charge, and occasionally, quite a few of the garrison as well.

As she showered, she considered the process that had made her into an Imperial ProCorps trooper. It wasn’t something she thought about much, but the Captain and the Sergeant’s comments had reminded her. As she leaned against the wall and used the sponge as an excuse to play a little with her clit, she relived the memories. She had once been someone else; a Jedi Knight, fighter pilot, and near to a complete breakdown after the manipulation and abuse of her life in Rebel territory. But the training she had received at the Imperial Academy had transformed her.

I really enjoyed this story all the way through, and found that I was eagerly awaiting every chapter as I finished the last. One thing that I would like to see is more in-depth sex scenes and more frequent sex scenes, but I found myself enjoying the buildup to each one almost as much.

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“Star Wars Imperial Prostitute” is ordered by numbers 0-3 with “Tenel Ka” as a side story.  This is the first series in the overall universe, with 0 as the prequel. Enjoy!