Using Him Part 3

I showered and washed myself very thoroughly, going over my body with a critical eye. I had to make sure everything was shaved to the smoothest degree, that every patch of dry skin was moisturised, that every blemish was noted and treated so that it would leave my skin flawless and perfect.

I had a long morning routine that I had to observe, because I felt like it was my duty to look my absolute best to bring the men that I fucked pleasure. It was the easiest way to get a constant flow of semen, which I just couldn’t imagine living without.

I was born in Egypt originally, though my mother was British, leaving me with a slight tan to my skin that screamed “exotic”. I always curled streaks of my long black hair and seldom wore much makeup, beyond the standard eyeliner and eyeshadow which made my eyes look mysterious. Today I wore a tube top and a short dress, one of my favourite outfits for the summer, though perhaps the top was a little small for my large breasts, which tended to bounce out of control when I did anything more strenuous than a walk.

I finished touching up my appearance and bounced downstairs, where my date was already waiting. At the second number on my speed dial list, Carter was a very special man, and he wore his usual leather jacket, jeans, and smile.

“Don’t wait up,” I said to Brian, heading out the door. Brian, eating cereal, simply shrugged, knowing that I’d be back in the morning to swallow everything anyway. I would never miss my morning routine.

Carter led me out to his car, a slick Chevrolet with custom rims on the tyres, and opened the door politely for me. I giggled and jumped in, adjusting my tube top so that my breasts didn’t pop out the top. I loved to wear either a tube top of a bikini top in the summer, whenever I could get away with it, really.

“Where to?” Carter said, getting into the front seat next to me. I opened my mouth, paused for a moment, and looked him up and down with a critical eye. Well, why not?

“How about the back seat?” I purred.

Carter, his eyes wide, leapt out of the door and into the back, while I crawled over the middle. We met each other on the back seats, Carter going in for a kiss, me going in for his zipper. I got there first, and busied myself with pulling down his pants and freeing his erection from its cage. When I saw the length before me I was reminded as to why he was second in my speed dial list.

My mother always said I had the gift of the gab, and when I grew up enough, I tended to agree. My hungry mouth alighted on his tip and I began to lick, grasping his base in my hand and tasting the first eager drops to come out. Delicious.

Carter fell back into the seat, his hand resting on my shoulder, as I began in earnest, drawing him in deeply to my mouth. While I wanted him to finish on my tongue, so that I would be able to have a second meal today, I knew that there was something else that I was craving. I swirled my tongue around his shaft, then pulled away.

“Wha–?” Carter began, confused. This wasn’t how our little meetings went. I laughed, hiked up my dress, and turned around, waving my ass in his direction.

Carter didn’t need an invitation. He grabbed me by the hips and yanked me down, seeking to impale me on his length. I stopped him at the last minute, guided him, and relaxed my lower body. His eyebrows shot up as he slowly pushed upward, slowly, in between my cheeks, into my ass.

I grunted as the cock entered me, and moaned as it slid further and further inside. It stopped when it was halfway in, and I had to pull myself up and go down again to fit the rest. Soon he was balls-deep, and I sat back on his lap, pulling up my top and revealing my large breasts.

“God you’re tight,” Carter moaned. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my breasts as I began to move my body up and down, bouncing on his length, using him to fuck me senseless.

Carter didn’t last as long as I would have liked. I didn’t expect him to, not the first time we did anal. He finished with a long growl, and I made sure he had a tight grip on my breasts while he did so. It was only courteous.

When at last he had shot every last drop inside me, I slowly rose myself up with a hand held out below. As expected, the torrent came out of me as soon as the plug was removed, and I caught as much of it in my palm as possible.

I never wasted a good meal.

End of Part 3.