Using Him Part 2

I whistled to myself as I fried the bacon and eggs, an apron draped around my naked form. I didn’t want to eat breakfast just yet–the taste of Brian’s semen was fresh in my mouth and I didn’t want that to end so soon–but I was more than happy to make Brian some.

I heard footsteps behind me and felt a hand slap my round ass. I turned with a smile and saw Brian yawning.

“Morning!” I said, flipping the bacon. “Thanks for this morning.”

“Any time, slut,” he said. He sat down at the table and took a sip from the orange juice I poured him, flipping through the paper. I was already trying to decide what I’d do today. I just couldn’t bear to function without servicing men; I tended to spend most of my time thinking about what was on the menu. I heard a beeping sound and reached into my apron pocket, pulling out my phone. A single text message said: “you home?”

I didn’t have the number in my contacts, but then, I tended to meet so many men that I didn’t bother adding them to contacts. I sent a message back saying, “Sure!” and went back to making breakfast with a smile on my face.

Brian ate his eggs and bacon while I waited in my room, trying on different lingerie combinations. I ended up choosing a nice red and black combination with lace and, to be completely honest, only a very small amount of actual material on them.

I heard the door open and practically skipped downstairs, excited for the prospect of a second meal in the morning. A man stood waiting in jeans and a Metallica tee, and I vaguely remembered him from yesterday. I hung out in a bar giving blowjobs for £20 bills for most of that afternoon, mainly just to pay the rent (if I had the money I’d pay them!)

“Hey,” the man said, his voice bored.

Brian looked over from the kitchen, snorted, and went back to his breakfast. I looked over the main appraisingly, noting the large bulge in his jeans. So that was why I’d given him my number!

The man sat down on the couch and stared at me, which was unsurprising, considering the amount of skin showing around my lingerie. I flounced over, sat down next to him, and immediately reached for his crotch. I just couldn’t wait!

The man looked around the room, then, seemingly satisfied that Brian was busy and that there were no other people around, he undid his zipper. As soon as I saw his cock I couldn’t help myself–I dove forward, mouth open, eager to taste him. He didn’t disappoint. The smell of his musk drove me wild, making my panties soaking wet. The size must have been close to eight or nine inches, and I thrust it to the back of my throat, suckling on it like a popsicle.

The man grabbed my hair and pounded my face, which only excited me further. I couldn’t resist being treated like a whore, being roughed up or used as a disposable cum rag. I let him skull-fuck me like a good little slut and felt his clumsy hand searching my bra for my little pert nipple. He clasped it with his fingers and tugged hard, making me moan like a dog in heat.

He didn’t last long, which was the way I liked it. This time I couldn’t help but be selfish, and clamped my lips around his tip so that I could taste his seed when he unleashed it into my mouth. I loved the feeling of the gooey liquid seeping over my tongue, and I kept it in my mouth long after he pulled out and left.

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