Amazons Teaser

Hi everyone, here is a chapter for my book Amazons now available here for purchase! The book is set amongst a tribe of Amazon warriors that capture men to use for breeding. The chapter is set in the thick of the action, and I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 3

Niana fed the other two prisoners, and it went much the same as the first. They asked many questions, such as where their clothes and belongings had been placed, or why they were bound hand and foot, but Niana merely answered as she had the first. The Gods had delivered the men to the village. That was all that needed to be said.

When the men were all well-fed she dismissed the girls one-by-one, and returned the cell of the first. The man was calmer now, and she knelt by his side and stroked his cheek once more.

“Where are my friends?” the man asked.

“They are safe, life giver. They are in this very building, much the same as you,” Niana replied. She leaned down and kissed his forehead, beginning the ancient ritual. The kiss symbolized thanks to the Gods for allowing her this bounty, and thanks to the man for providing what he would no doubt be providing, and in large quantities, at that.

She stood and stretched her arms, then reached for the cured-leather straps that held her chest piece up. She removed them and reached behind for the clasps that held the entire piece together. She took it off in one smooth motion, revealing her breasts and muscled, toned stomach, prompting the man’s eyes to bulge.

She went down for her short dress and removed it quickly, revealing a trimmed and neat lower half. The sandals came next, and soon she was completely nude, gazing into the man’s eyes as his roamed her body.

“I give thanks to the Gods for the seed I am about to receive,” she intoned, moving one knee up onto the table. She swung herself up fully and sat astride the man, her tender clit resting comfortably against his hardening length. “I pray that this seed grants me a strong child, and that the child is a female, capable of continuing my family bloodline.”

“What?” the man asked stupidly. Niana ignored him and reached her hands down to pull the meager cloth on his crotch aside. He was already hard, which was fortunate, because Niana had little patience for the ancient techniques that her elders had taught her many years ago. They had shown her how to use her hands and her mouth to ensure his hardening, and thankfully, that would not be an issue.

“Lay back and be quiet,” Niana commanded. The ritual was over; it was now a simple matter of milking his seed and ensuring that it went deep inside of her. Simple. She spat on her hand, reached down, and ran it over the man’s considerable length, rotating her palm. He groaned and she quickly lowered herself onto him, spearing herself like she would spear a panther in amongst the leaves. She did not know the man’s tolerance (she had been taught that all men were different in terms of endurance) but she did not want to take any chances.

Niana refused to let so much as a grunt escape her lips as the man slid inside. There was pain from the entering, but she had experienced pain before, and it would be disgraceful to bow before something such as this.

The man was different; she could not tell if it was due to pain or pleasure, but he moaned like a wounded animal as she pushed herself deep onto him. She felt the walls of her insides hug his length and she forced herself down to the hilt, until he was as deep as he could go. She held a hand out onto his stomach to steady herself, then used her knees to push herself forward. The man groaned and she took it as a sign that she was performing adequately.

As she gyrated on top of the life giver, she felt the pain ebb and a form of pleasure grow inside her. She had been with men a precious few times since she had become a woman, and the pleasure was familiar to her. She closed her eyes and sped up her pace, riding the man as she would ride a horse, her breasts swinging free.

The man’s groans reached a crescendo and she ensured that she was pressing down as he let loose a torrent of liquid up inside her. She felt it shoot up deep inside and she smiled, resting a hand on her lower stomach. Creating a child was an imprecise endeavor, but this was the first step toward it.

The man moaned and she was sure to sit atop him until he had completely finished, until he was breathing normally once more and his eyes were open and affixed to hers. She sat up and felt the liquid dribble down her legs, and quickly rolled off the table and onto her back. She held her legs in the air and waited a few moments, as she had been instructed.

The man watched this silently, until she stood and used a nearby piece of cloth to dry herself off.

“I pray that this seed grants me a strong child, and that the child is a female, capable of continuing my family bloodline.” It was the same line that she had used before the coupling, and, as ritual deemed necessary, she used it once more now that she was finished.

“Is this why you took us? You want to be pregnant?” the man asked.

“This is why the Gods gave you to us,” she corrected him. She reached down and picked up her skirt, ignoring her leather chest piece. She placed her skirt on and stretched her legs, ensuring that they would not cramp. She would have to repeat the exercise twice more, then another three times shortly after the moon rose to its highest point. It would take a few hours for the men to recover enough to grant her a second helping of their seed.

“If you’d just asked we would have done it anyway,” the man said weakly.

“Be silent,” Niana commanded. “You are here to serve.” She moved to the man and leaned over him, stroking his cheek. “You have my thanks for what you are doing. But please remember that the Gods granted you to us. You are our property. Remember this.”