Dropout Review

Hi everyone and welcome to my first hentai review!

As a site dedicated to the fetish of freeuse, I have scoured the net looking for the very best in hentai series for my fans to enjoy, and I thought I’d begin with a classic–one of the very best that I’ve found.

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Episode 1

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Episode 1

Episode 2

Dropout is a hentai that immediately caught my attention from the premise: high school students that drop out and fail to achieve good grades and get into university have to ‘serve society’. This, of course, means fulfilling the sexual urges of the male population.

Because, you know, that’s realistic. hcdn0001-2.jpg

The series follows Reika Shichijo, a former class president and all-round beauty that purposely failed in order to become a sexual servant. She is given to student Niimi-kun, who is at the top of the grade and has earned a reward for his efforts.

Good grades have never been more attractive.

The conflict in the series comes from the jealousy of Niimi-kun’s classmate, who has always wanted Reika, and has to settle for second best.


Art: Excellent. The art is truly something special in this hentai, with vivid detail and good care going into it. It’s a modern style different from the Bible Black series and many anime from the nineties or early 2000s (some of which might find their way into my reviews sooner or later!)

Story: Good. It’s nothing special in terms of story but it delivers what we want most, so it can’t really be faulted too much.

Character: Good. Reika’s character holds the story together, as her fantasy of being used as a sexual slave is fascinating to watch. I would have loved to have seen more backstory here, but unfortunately we don’t have enough episodes in the series. There rest of the characters are so generic that they don’t even warrant a mention.

Overall: so far one of the best hentai adaptations of Freeuse that I have seen so far. A must watch for any fan of freeuse.