Using Him Part 1

“Huh? What?” He grunted, barely awake. I lifted my head out of his crotch and smiled at him from under the blanket. “Oh, okay,” he mumbled, dropping his head back to the pillow.

I went back under and brightly his shaft into my mouth once more, relishing the feel and the taste of his meat. Brian had been one of those men that was really awkward around women when I first met him. Being a beautiful redhead with a slim figure and a naturally large bust, he had barely been able to string a sentence together when talking to me. But that had changed when he’d found out about my not-so-secret passion…

“Mmmmm,” I moaned as I drew him in deep to the back of my throat. I couldn’t live without my morning cock-worshipping routine, bringing pleasure to a man was my only purpose in life.

He began to slightly buck his hips and I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go down his shaft so that it tickled his balls as his moving hips caused him to thrust in past my tonsils. I couldn’t disguise a smile as I let him fuck my throat, drawing in his scent and his taste. I wished the feeling would last forever, but unfortunately, it didn’t last nearly as long.

Brian moaned and I knew he was near so I speared myself down on him as deep as I could take it so that my nose was pressing hard into his skin. I usually loved the taste of semen, but I couldn’t be so selfish as to just hold his tip in my mouth to get that delicious taste. He was doing me a favour by letting me suck him down, so I had to take one for the tram. It would be better for him to finish down my throat instead, even if I didn’t get the proper mouthful.

The warm liquid shot out and decorate the back of my throat and I gulped it down as fast as I can do that I wouldn’t gag. Some men liked the sound and I was happy to accomodate, but it just feels unprofessional to me, so unless specifically asked, I just take it with as much grace as I can,

I gulped down everything he had to give me, then drew him out of my mouth with my lips firmly clamped around him to pick up every little morsel that might remain. Luckily I managed to get a little taste, and the sensation made my cunt wet.

“Thanks,” I said, getting up out from under his covers. It was a weekend so he just rolled over and went back to sleep without a word, but I didn’t mind. I resolved to make him breakfast as a thank you, and skipped out of his room with a smile on my face, naked breasts bouncing.

End of Part 1. Check out Part 2.