A Good Investment

“Where are we going?” Lucy was dressed up in fishnet stockings, red high heels, a mini skirt, and a top that showed so much cleavage that it was almost illegal. John had made her wear the skimpy clothes, of course, and had brought her out on the town.

“Don’t ask questions,” John snapped.

Lucy fell silent and he smiled, pleased. They had met on an internet dating site as a master looking for a slave and a slave looking for a master. They had talked for a few days, then, having nothing better to do, John had met her for coffee. They’d hit it off right away, especially after he’d taken her cup into the bathroom to add a little extra “cream”. It had been love at first taste.

He took Lucy to a little nightclub he knew and they wandered around the line with the bouncer and into the side alley. It was dirty and dark and it smelled like piss, which was exactly what John was looking for.

“Kneel down and open your mouth,” he said. Lucy nodded and positioned herself next to the wall, following his command. The sight of her with her mouth open and ready, her long auburn hair tied up in a ponytail in expectation of what was to come, sent shivers down his spine. But he wasn’t going to use her just yet.

“Good girl,” John said. He turned on his heel and walked back toward the club.

“You can’t just leave me here like this!” Lucy yelled after him.

John turned. “I can and I will. When I return, if you don’t have your mouth open I will punish you to within an inch of your life!”

Lucy opened her mouth obediently and he walked along the street and to the line for the nightclub. It didn’t take too long for him to get in, and once inside he walked around and scoped the place out.

He found what he was looking for within thirty seconds. One of those men—he could spot the type like an apple among oranges—that wore a fedora and bought women drink upon drink only to have them leave with a stronger, more dominant man, was trying unsuccessfully to chat up a girl at the bar. When he struck out, John sidled up to him.

“How’s it going?” John asked.

“I’m not into you, thanks, I don’t swing that way,” the man replied shaking his head.

“I’m not after that. I do, however, have a proposition…”

John explained things and the man grew a wide smile. He handed over twenty bucks and John led him outside.

They went into the alley and Lucy was still kneeling there, mouth open, her eyes similarly opened wide now that she saw John had company.

“You sure it’s okay?” the man asked.

“Twenty bucks, and you tell the other guys in the club. That’s the deal.”

Lucy looked ready to say something but John stopped her. “Listen to me, whore. If you try to say one single word I’ll have them take you up the ass all night long and make damn sure they don’t use any lube.”

She tried to keep a grin from her face as she kept her mouth open wide. The man wasted no time and dropped his pants, positioning himself in front of the kneeling woman. Lucy was due some credit: she gave the man a proper blowjob. John had expected her to go half-heartedly, suck like she was not the slightest in the mood to be used by some random stranger. Instead she bobbed her head like she was deepthroating a delicious icy-pole; like she loved the taste and couldn’t help but go back for more.

John leaned against the brick wall and watched the show. He particularly liked the part when the man shot his load in her mouth; she spat it out and it dribbled down her chin, giving her a nice cum-drenched look.

“Best… best blowjob of my life,” the man said panting.

“Tell your friends! Twenty-five for the standard package – I gave you a discount—and a hundred for anal.”

“You said no anal,” Lucy complained, spitting the white liquid onto the filthy ground.

“Shut up you. A hundred for anal, but bring your own lube, and finish on her face.”

The man nodded and walked back to the nightclub like he owned the place.

“I don’t want to–” Lucy began. John marched up to her and grabbed her by the hair before she could finish.

“Remember what you are,” he hissed. “You’re a slut. You’re mine to use. Don’t you ever forget that.”

Lucy nodded slowly and he let her go. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to do it–Lucy loved anal, and it was even better when it came from strangers. It was all just part of the game. It wasn’t long before the next man arrived, a freshly-bought bottle of strawberry scented lube in his hand.

“We have a taker!” John said happily. He grabbed Lucy by the hair and planted her face on the dirty ground. Her miniskirt rode up and flashed the world her little pink panties.

“Uh, is this the place?” The man asked. John took it as a rhetorical question: the man had his eyes glued to Lucy’s pink panties and she was already in a submissive pose.

“A hundred, and you finish on her face,” John said. The man handed over the money and got down on his knees behind Lucy. She shivered a little in excitement as the man unzipped himself. John helped him out by drawing his pocket knife and cutting Lucy’s panties away. Lucy’s perfectly-pear shaped bottom now shone in the moonlight.

“Have fun,” John said.

He sat down next to Lucy and held her by the hair as the man took her by the hips. She looked up at him and grimaced as he rubbed his tip against her asshole.

“Be a good girl now,” John whispered. The man entered and Lucy squealed, but John quickly clamped a hand over her mouth until the man was well underway.

He began pumping quickly and Lucy seemed to have gotten over the initial shock, so he let go of her. She still whimpered a little, and a little smile played at the corners of her mouth, and John knew that she got off on it just as much as the men did.

Another man had arrived at the entrance to the alley and John got up to greet him. The man held a bottle of lube in his hands and looked nervous, but John shook his hand with a warm smile.

“She’s engaged at the moment, but I’m sure we can fit you in,” John said.

As the night wore on they got more and more takers to the party, and very few of them wanted to use his slut’s mouth.

John made close to two thousand dollars that night.

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