Anal Beads

Arthur loved this feeling, the feeling that he got when he walked his girl through a place—any place would do, really—and could feel the eyes of every single man on his woman. Every one of them was jealous—and half the women as well. He held his arm across Katie’s shoulders, his fingers playing with her long red hair.

They rode the escalator up to the movie theatres, and he saw a few men turn their heads when he caught their gaze. They were embarrassed that they were staring at his woman, but he knew that she was as thrilled by it as he was.

She wore a short miniskirt that barely covered her ass and provided a ton of cleavage up front. She had an E cup that you could lose your face in if you weren’t careful. And her legs… Jesus, guys would beat off to those alone. Tie it in with a pair of black heels and Katie was a teenage boy’s wet dream.

They went into the biggest theatre there, catching the latest horror flick that had just come out. It had six times the seating of the regular theatres and the screen was nearly twice as large; they took a seat up the back, and Arthur put his feet up on the headrest of the seat in front.

“Thanks for taking me out tonight, babe,” Katie said, smiling sweetly. She was chewing bubblegum, and Arthur had an urge to put that mouth to a better use, but the lights were still on and the movie hadn’t started. There would be time for all that.

“I wanted to see it anyway,” Arthur said dismissively. He couldn’t stop himself from moving his arm down to her cleavage and slipping it into her tight dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra—the dress was too tight for that, so there was easy access down her nipples. He played with them idly while they waited for the ads to begin.

“You shouldn’t do that in public,” Katie said, shivering. “You know it turns me on.”

“Why do you think I’m doing it?” Arthur replied. The lights began to dim and he sighed. Finally.

“How’s everything going… down there?” He asked.

“Uncomfortable,” she whispered. “You’re such an asshole.”

Arthur chuckled to himself. The movie hadn’t started yet, but everybody was focussing on the movie trailers that were running now. He could probably do it without being noticed…

“Up on your knees, Katie,” he ordered, pulling his hand out of her dress. Her nipples were already hard, the slut.

“Not now,” she hissed.

Arthur grabbed her breast hard enough to hurt, and she begrudgingly sat up on the plush movie-theatre seat on her knees. Arthur fumbled around beneath her dress. She wasn’t wearing any panties and she had been frightened that somebody would see her tiny, trimmed red bush. Adorable.

The trailers ended and the cinema grew even darker as the logos for the movie started. Arthur smiled to himself and reached up, searching for the string. He found it, and slowly began to pull.

Katie moaned under her breath as the first bead popped out of her asshole. Only ten to go.

“Stop,” she whispered.

Arthur kept up the constant pulling pressure, and enjoyed the wet sucking sound as each bead slowly came out one at a time. She was soaking wet down there, not just from the stimulation, but from the knowledge that it was a public area. She had been wet enough just walking around with the beads inside of her.

Slurrrrp. Arthur pulled the last of the beads out and Katie sat on her knees, panting, a look of relief on her face.

Poor thing, Arthur mused to himself. She has no idea that I’m just going to put them back in again.

It was all he could do to stop himself laughing.