“Would you like a hot towel, sir?” Shakira asked with a smile. She was dressed in a ridiculous miniskirt that rode up to expose her small bum that, by company regulations, was heart-shaped. It had taken years of squats to achieve that perfect ratio. The area above her small waist was covered with a tight corset that accentuated the size of her C cup breasts, giving her the appearance of a girl with Ds.

“I actually saw a pretty Asian flight attendant on my way in. Could you get her here for a blowjob?” the man asked.

“Of course, sir, right away.” Shakira headed back into the little kitchen that separated first class from business class and met up with Mei. Shakira was a white girl from London, though she had long since lost her accent, but despite her natural assets she never seemed to compare to Mei. Mei was a stunning, tall Japanese girl with full lips and a flawless porcelein face. Whenever she bent over she was liable to cause a traffic collision.

“Man in row thirty-two wants a blowjob,” Shakira said.

“Of course he does. He must have seen me giving head to thirty-nine. Man was a monster.” Mei spoke with a tiny hint of an accent and she held her fingers out wide to indicate the man’s length, giggling to herself.

Shakira let the girl go and went to touch up her appearance in the kitchen mirror. On Aspect Airlines planes no stewardess was allowed to cover her breasts (the nipples were always on display above the corset), and they all had to wear the official uniform miniskirt, but apart from that their outfits were their own to choose. Shakira had a thin purple scarf wrapped loosely around her neck and a pair of black heels that accentuated her calfs.

She smiled in the mirror and went back into the first-class cabin, determined to make a good impression. She was dedicated to her company, and had worked here for over a year now with only glowing reviews from customers. She wasn’t about to break that streak.

There were three flight attendants dedicated to first class (there should have been four but one went off sick with a stomach ache, having swallowed far too much) and the other two – Beth and Mei – were currently on their knees along two different rows.

Shakira moved up to the man who was currently being pleasured by Mei and bent over him. He looked up at her bulging breasts and tweaked her nipples. She had large, hard nipples that she was quite proud of.

“Is everything okay, sir? Can I get you anything else?” Shakira asked. She felt eyes on the back of her head and knew that more than one man was staring at her miniskirt, or more precisely, what was clearly on display below it. She was, of course, not wearing any panties.

“That’s quite alright. Remind me to put in a good word for you girls when we land,” the man said kindly. He closed his eyes and shuddered and Shakira patted Mei on the head.

“She was always very good at her job,” Shakira said. She turned and went toward the first raised hand that she saw.

A middle-aged man, not particularly handsome but rather just average, had his erect penis out ready and a look of eagerness on his face.

“Can I get you a blowjob, sir?” Shakira asked politely.

“I’ll take that pussy, if you don’t mind.”

“Certainly sir.”

Shakira delicately slid a heeled leg over the man’s lap and brought her hands to the headrest of his seat. She leaned her body down and felt her naked slit graze the tip of his cock, but she still needed her hand to guide it in. As the man’s length slid down inside her he groaned and placed his hands on her heart-shaped ass.

Shakira had done herself up well with some strawberry-scented lube that was provided as part of the general equipment to stewardesses. She was quite warm, she knew, and slick enough that he ccould get inside without complaint. She began to slowly grind her pelvis against his, keeping his length deep inside her up to the hilt.

She felt hands grab her breasts and looked down to see the man playing with her sizeable nipples. She smiled, but the act didn’t particularly turn her on—she was here to do a job, nothing more.

She rode the man cowgirl style for a few more minutes until he exploded inside her, mixing his semen with her strawberry lube and pussy juices, then thanked him and stood up, holding her hand out beneath to catch the remainder of the hot load that slid out as she stood.

Her palm filled with hot liquid and she turned and caught sight of Mei getting given a good mouthful—perhaps due to the man’s good view of seeing the semen dripping from Shakira’s wet cunt.

Shakira turned back to the man and smiled.

“Thank you,” he said.

“It was my pleasure. Thank you for flying Aspect Airlines.”