Hi everyone I just thought I’d add an update on my nano progress. For everyone that doesn’t know, nanowrimo is a national novel-writing month in which the goal is 50,000 words for the month–a way to push yourself and try and achieve something.

At the third day I’m currently up to a 11,000 word count, smashing my targets, which I’m quite happy about. My current novel, Slave island (Working title) is now complete at 33,000 words, and a sequel is well and truly planned.

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My next short, The Brothel Keeper, is due to be finished soon. My days so far have been:

Day 1: 7,000 words.

Day 2: 4,000 words.

Day 3: 1,000 words (so far).

I’ll keep working as hard as I can to produce content and try to smash Nano out of the water! I know that my writing has tailed off so far, due to work concerns (8 hour shifts are the worst, ugh!) but by at least day 6 I’m hoping to have 15-20,000 done.

To all those writers out there who haven’t jumped on board nanowrimo, it isn’t too late. I encourage you all to give it a go!

Thanks for reading,