Hi everyone it’s been a busy day for Mr Fox; I’m currently working on two ebooks for publication. These will be available on Amazon soon for the price of 20c/1k words, with a small additional publication cost. It is my goal to provide quality work for my friends to read and enjoy.

You may be thinking to yourself: What am I in for? Well, here’s a brief preview:


Paradise Resort Book 1: Slave Island

Alice is in her early twenties but she is far from enjoying life: estranged from her family, she has a poor apartment, crappy car, and… oh, yeah… she’s in deep with gambling debts. After losing her final hand of blackjack she has the opportunity to meet a man named Mr. Smiley, who offers her a job she really can’t refuse. She just has to offer up her body for everybody that wants it.

Alice signs a contract that will see her working for months at a place called Paradise Resort, but is it really a paradise? Follow Alice and a few other characters as they explore this island and its peculiar rules.

Tags: BDSM, slave, freeuse, oral sex, anal, pigtails, Asian.

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The Brothel Keeper

On the western frontier the men are hard and the days are dusty. When they need to unwind they frequent a place called “the Open Flower” owned by a woman named Candice Bloom. In the dark of night a man is murdered and none other than Mistress Bloom is fingered as the suspect, but there is only one problem: she is innocent. Can she clear her name?

tags: BDSM, spanking, freeuse, oral sex, anal, handjobs.