All Night Long

“You little cumwhore,” Jake said, patting Mindy’s round ass. Thick, hot ropes of semen covered her face and the pale flesh of her rear cheeks were covered with red slap marks. Jake was one of those rare gentlemen that knew that those were the only marks you should leave on a woman; what with the rise of BDSM culture around the city, those people were getting harder to find.

“Your cumwhore,” she replied, rolling over onto her back. Her tits ballooned out and Jake smiled as he saw her pretty little pink pussy, shaved and smooth and beautiful. He’d known Mollie for a few months now, and honestly couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.

“Wait a moment,” she said, eyes opening wide. She jumped up off the bed and ran to the fridge. She bent over and wriggled her ass as she searched the bottom drawer, and Jake laced his fingers behind his head and enjoyed the show. She had a perfect bubble-butt that he could watch all night long.

She came out of her search with a bottle held in her hand. She closed the door and brought it over to him, opening it with a tsss.

“Sex and a beer? Good girl,” Jake said, taking the drink gratefully. He had let loose a great deal of fluid and had to replenish himself.

“I was hoping to go to a restaurant for dinner,” Mollie said, lying back down, putting her head in her hands. “I know we’re short on money—”

“What?” Jake put down the bottle softly. “What did you say?” He felt the rage build inside him. He hated when she said that. Like he couldn’t provide for her.

“I’m sorry, I—”

“I already gave you dinner. Eat it.” Jake crossed his arms and stared at her. Slowly she began to wipe the ropes of sperm off her face with a finger, dipping it in her mouth. Jake watched her throat work as she swallowed. When she was finished she turned her head away, ashamed.

“So ungrateful,” Jake snarled. “Fetch it.”

“But I—” Mollie protested. She wilted under Jake’s look and sulked away to the cupboard. Jake waited while she rummaged around inside and smiled cruelly when she brought out his favourite plaything. She handed it over wordlessly and bent over his knee.

Jake held onto the wooden paddle so tight that his knuckles went white. She would embarrass him like that? Then he would embarrass her too.

“Take out your phone. Take a selfie. Say cheese!” Jake said, bringing the paddle down hard. Slap! Mollie squeaked and obediently took a picture with her naked body fully in frame, Jake holding the paddle behind her.

He reached over and snatched her phone, then opened up Facebook.

“Time for a new profile picture,” he grunted. In a few seconds it was done, and he laughed as he imagined the looks on all her friends’ faces. They would finally see her for the little whore she was.

He took up the paddle again and aimed for the red slap mark on her pale ass.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Each time the paddle made contact Mollie squeaked in pain and pleasure.

Soon the Facebook messages would start coming through from friends… and family. Jake laughed. That would teach her a lesson.