All Day Naked

Josh knew that Nikki saw it as a pain, but when he commanded her to spend the entire day naked, in the frigid, snowy cold, there was nothing she could do but obey. Josh made sure that they had lots of places to go: from the subway, they travelled to three different bars, then a skating rink set up in the park to take advantage of the cold weather and take up some ice skating.

Nikki was a tall girl, slender, and with a Mediterranean ancestry that gave her an exotic look. At the moment, though, her skin was turning red from the cold as they walked from heated bar to heated bar, and she was shivering so hard her teeth were chattering. Josh wondered if he’d gone too far; but whenever they got close to a heater she began to drink and berate him, and he knew he needed this.

After the third bar they stepped out into the frigid street. It was getting close to ten in the evening now, and the moon was covered by clouds. The air was getting even colder as the night drew on, and Josh’s breath was beginning to fog in the air. Nikki held her slender arms over her breasts and huddled with her shoulders hunched as they hurried to the subway.

Josh led her down to the station and they stood waiting for the train. Nikki began to moan, and Josh felt bad yet again.

“Are you—” Josh began.

“I’m f…f…fine,” she said through chattering teeth. “Idiot.”

Josh stared at the girl. They had been in a weird kind of relationship for the past year now; she was arrogant, rude, and downright mean to him on a daily basis, and he only seemed to get his own back through extravagant sexual escapades that were only growing bigger and bigger.

At first, Josh had forced Nikki to walk around with his semen in her mouth all day long after she had been particularly rude one night. The next week, it had been a seven-inch dildo inside her, and a sharpie message across her ass saying “this way in!”.

It had gotten to the point where Josh had been almost constantly thinking up ways to disgrace the girl, and the “freeze walk” was a particularly nasty idea. It wasn’t all that safe—she could well get frostbite—but he thought that if he kept an eye on it, it would simply be uncomfortable, and painful, but not lasting.

There was still one card left to play, now that the girl was cold and naked on the subway platform.

“If you want to get warm… then beg me,” Josh said. He smiled at the disgusted look on her face, but then he opened up his many coats one at a time. Eventually he got to the bottom layer, and he unzipped his pants. It was freezing on the platform, but he knew that if she could stand it being completely naked, then he could for a few minutes.

“Go to hell,” Nikki said. But she eyed his cock, and his jackets, and Josh knew that she was considering it.

“If you beg me, I’ll let you take my warm cock inside you. I’ll even wrap the coats around us both while you’re on there. All you have to do is beg.”

“You fucker,” Nikki snarled.

“I’m waiting.”

There was silence as Nikki’s hands rubbed her arms and her lips turned blue. “Fine. Please fuck me,” she said.

“Not good enough.” Josh put himself back in his pants and began to zip himself up. “I suppose you can just wait till we get to the ice rink… though there aren’t likely to be many heaters there…”

“Please. Please. Please just fuck me,” Nikki said desperately. “I’m so… so cold.”

Josh smiled and unzipped himself, and Nikki eagerly lunged forward at him. She climbed onto his cock and sighed with pleasure as he wrapped his coats around her. She knew what was expected of her, and so she rode him as they stood waiting for the subway, pushing up off her feet and rubbing against Josh’s chest.

This would definitely teach her a lesson.