Afternoon at the Park 1

I usually can’t stand performance art, but this isn’t so bad. I’m sitting on a park bench and reading the latest copy of  “An Anal Surprise — Volume 3” (suffice to say there wasn’t much more that could surprise at this point in the series) and a Mistress has decided to go and set up next to me.

Usually I would have just moved, but I have to say that I was intrigued by the devices she had in her van. First she set up a heavy metal frame shaped like a big square with struts supporting it on the ground, making it pretty solid. Next she attached ropes to the hooks on each corner and tied them on tight. Finally, she brought out a wide assortment of whips, paddles, and toys.

I try to concentrate on my book, but a small crowd is beginning to gather. The mistress undresses in full view of the public, then pulls on a leather suit that clings to her slender frame. She ties her hair up into a ponytail and brings the final prop out of her van: it’s a woman.

She has on a pair of tall stiletto heels and a red corset that provides a good view of some truly enormous cleavage. She is being led by a leash attached to a spiked collar around her neck and is playing with her red, shoulder-length hair with one tattooed hand. I notice black nail polish and a dozen black leather bracelets around her wrist.

She looks kind of punk-rock to me.

The mistress brings her to the setup and without saying a word, ties her wrists to the upper corners of the square, then her legs to the lower corners. Soon she’s suspended with her front and back open to the world.

It begins.

The mistress pulls out some nipple clamps and savagely yanks down the corset, revealing those double-d breasts to the crowd. The punk-girl turns her head to the side and I see a tiny smile play across her lips. She’s loving this.

The mistress first licks and teases the nipples, then, when they’re hard, she attaches the clamps. The punk-girl grimaces but doesn’t make a sound. The mistress then walks slowly around behind the square and with one hand slaps the punk-girl’s ass. She is wearing some kind of black leather pants, kind of like the mistress. The mistress picks up a paddle.

Slap! The punk-girl lets out a little squeak. The paddle slams into her ass again and again, and I can see the way the wood hits her cheeks that she’s got a big, jiggly ass.

“Not bad,” I whisper to myself. I carefully mark my place in my book and put it aside. It isn’t often that something interests me enough to get me to put my book down.

The mistress paddles the punk-girl until her head is lolling to the side, then drops the paddle and pulls the pants down. She isn’t wearing any panties, and her ass is bright red from the paddling.

End of Part 1. See Part 2.