After Work Drinks

Susan walked into the bar, heels clacking on the tiled floor. The place was an upscale bar, with abstract art on the walls and brightly coloured bar stools. All the women wore furs, evening dresses, clothes of that nature. Susan felt completely underdressed in just her bikini; it was her usual daywear in a world where a woman could get fucked ten times before she got to work, but Billy hadn’t told her that this was a high-class kind of place…

“Over here!” Billy held up her hand, and Susan instantly felt better. Billy was a blonde, and instantly recognisable in a crowd. She had short curly hair and one of those thick bodies that gave a man something to hold onto. She was completely naked, her ass almost hanging off the barstool.

Susan walked up to her and hugged the woman, kissing her on the cheek.

“I already ordered you a gin and tonic. Have a seat!” Billy said with a smile.

Susan put her bag down next to her and sat on the tiny seat. She sipped her drink and began to chat with her old friend, giggling and laughing as they talked about their old friends from high school. They hadn’t seen each other much over the last six years, but it felt good to catch up.

“Oh, and you remember Arthur,” Billy said.

“Little Arthur with the lisp?”

“That’s the one! He’s the head of a company now. Has fifty women sharing his bed every night,” Billy said, sipping her drink. “All of them highly skilled, or so the rumour goes.”

“If they can get past the lisp then they have to be,” Susan replied, raising her eyebrows. Billy laughed as a man approached her and placed his hands on her breasts. She ignored him and continued sipping her drink.

“Those were good times. Do you remember when we finally turned eighteen?” The man’s hands kneaded and squeezed Billy’s large breasts, but the woman didn’t even seem to notice.

“God yes. I was so hungry for dick,” Susan said. She finished her gin and held out her hand for another. “That’s the worst thing, being under eighteen. You want nothing more than a thick dick, and you just can’t get one ‘till you become an adult.”

“Speaking of which,” Billy said with a giggle. The man had unzipped his pants and was exploring her ass, pulling her cheeks apart. The stool was designed so that she didn’t even have to get up; the man was able to force himself into her asshole with the minimum amount of fuss.

“You always had a tight ass,” Susan said with a sigh as the woman’s body began to rock back and forth. The man had her by the tits again and was thrusting in and out of her at a good speed, pounding her hard enough to rock the barstool.

“I can’t blame them. I’d fuck me if I could,” Billy said. She placed both hands on the bar and her breath caught in her throat. “Oh my.”

Susan idly wondered if a man would come and peel her bikini off. She wouldn’t object right about now. She looked around the bar and saw that Billy wasn’t the only one getting a hard dicking; half the girls were either on their knees or bent over a table. Most, if not all, of the men were busy with their balls deep inside a woman.

She sighed. Life just wasn’t fair sometimes.